Seby Ntege with Band Afro fusion/folk/jazz music from Uganda

Upcoming Shows

19th November 2016 Main O2 Oxford.

16th October 2016 Lancaster Music Festival.

18th Sept 2016 Mwalimu Express at Richmix London.

17th September 2016 Olwekobaano UK University of East London.

3rd Sept 2016 Pitt Fest Oxford.

27th August 2016 Rudirudi Africa.

20th August 2016 Yorkshire Wild Park UK.

6th August 2016 Yorkshire Wild Park UK.

30th July 2016 Private Function London UK.

30th July 2016 Multi-culture show case with ACD arts Durning hall Forest gate (London).

25th June 2016 Oxford canal festival.

16th June 2016 Ickenham festival.

129th May 2016 Shefield Afro-festival.

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