Seby Ntege with Band Afro fusion/folk/jazz music from Uganda

School Workshops


School Workshops

African Dance

African dances in schools range from high energy dances like Amagunju to graceful and gentle dances like Ekizino. All African dance workshops are accompanied by a set of professional drummers playing traditional music that enhances the intensity, energy and beauty of the dance. Children are provided with African dance costumes and learn the history of the dance and rhythms. This gives them an understanding of traditional life and culture in Africa. With the best teachers on our team, each with a wealth of performing experience, these African dance workshops are meant to be uplifting and inspiring in a way that increases activity and participation as part of our healthly lifestyle campaign through African dance school workshops.

African Drumming

The African drumming workshops for schools centre around team building, with all students working together, and also promote healthier lifestyles. The emphasis of these workshops is set on sharing and learning the traditional role of African drums, i.e. as the main means of communication. Children are taught how to play and communicate through African drum calls with different musical interpretations. Depending on their ages, they may be introduced to rhythms and others given the chance to enhance their rhythmic knowledge and improvisation skills. Traditional African drums and other musical instruments are all provided for each participant.



African Carnival

In Africa, chanting, songs and African drumming all go hand in hand and they are all traditionally meant to complement each other. Conducted by two – four tutors, the carnival option incorporates African drum and dance to create a truly authentic African tradition and feel of energy and celebration. Usually the carnival workshops lead to a school assembly performance or carnival showcase at the school where drum students get the chance to accompany the dancers on stage. Facilitated by our very best performing tutor/artists, the carnival can be very inspiring as participants experience the combination of African dance and drumming performed by our experienced facilitators.

Traditional African Music

Traditional African music workshops are made up of a selection African instruments, including the Embaire xylophones, Pan pipes, karimba endongo thumb pianos, Adungu harps, stick and hand drums. These workshops exhibit the richness of African music, discussing and showcasing its roots, meaning and interpretation. Students also get the chance to put together a musical piece. The workshops focus on African musical elements like chanting, vocal call and response, harmony and playing the instruments. The children not only have the opportunity to understand the history and origin of many of these instruments but also learn how they are made and what they are made from.


After School Clubs

Do you want something active, fun, challenging, inspiring, new and educational? Whether they are before or after school, our after school clubs are structured to offer students of all ages and abilities the chance to learn something new from beginners to advanced. The children learn African dance routines and African drumming rhythms from the very basics, mastering each step as they go which offers a sense of achievement and fulfillment.
All our workshop facilitators are fully CRB checked while others have specialist training in working with special needs children and students. All workshops aim to promote and strengthen inter-personal relationships amongst the students, self-esteem and confidence, team building, nurturing and the discovery of talents.

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